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Drupal 7 is here! Commence Rejoicing!

On the 7th, I celebrated the release of Drupal 7 in Jackson, MI, in the company of the Commerce Guys and a few other developers, designers, and drupalgangers. Rubbing elbows with fellow Drupal-lovers is always a good time, especially when you're celebrating something as exciting as the release of Drupal 7.

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AdaptiveTheme with a Sticky Footer and Skinr Styles

As far as starter themes go, the AdaptiveTheme is both flexible, robust, and has dozens of options within the admin interface for changing the layout and other site features. It also comes Skinr-ready.

However, it was lacking one minor feature,  which is usually desirable in most designs. The sticky footer.

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Adding a New Region to your Theme

Adding a custom region to any Drupal theme is fairly easy. For this example, I'm working within a Zen Ninesixty subtheme. I decided that instead of just using the right sidebar, I wanted to have a custom region inside the main content area so that the text would wrap around whatever I placed here. (By default, the main content area does not wrap around left or right sidebars.)

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Membership Renewal Reminders made easy in Caravan

Caravan, built on CiviCRM, is a great customer relationship management system. Being open source means that it is a continual work in progress and it's constantly being improved, but it also means that if a specific feature doesn't exist yet, we need to find creative ways to do things!

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<Span> the divide between Full and Filtered HTML

When it came to WYSIWYG Editor Input Formats,  there was always a great divide between Filtered HTML and Full HTML. Full HTML is intended for admin use only because it allows any HTML tags and attributes to be used. The Filtered HTML format lets authenticated and/or anonymous users add content safely by limiting the allowed HTML tags that could potentially be harmful to the site, or to the design. 

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The Future Is Here! DrupalCon 2010

They say first impressions are everything, and my first time at DrupalCon was nothing less than fantastic. I learned a lot, and now I'm even more excited about where Drupal is headed, what it means for us as the site builders, and how it affects people using Drupal sites. Here's a rundown of my favorite sessions.

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Caravan is a powerful and full-featured membership management system, designed specifically for membership- driven organizations.

Caravan Member Managment

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Trailhead is a Drupal-based system, built with the features smaller businesses need, bundled together into a ready-to-launch package.

Trailhead CMS Packages

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