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Economic History Association

The Economic History Association (EHA) is a membership organization that fosters scholarly interest in the field of economic history. Members use the website to promote events and publications as well as provide information on the grants and fellowships awarded by the group. Wanting to take better advantage of their Drupal platform, EHA contracted us to upgrade and consolodate systems as well as create a web-based method for accepting and reviewing applications for grants and fellowships. EHA committee members can now review and rate applications through their website interface, streamlining the approval proccess. We also gave the new EHA website an updated look and feel with a custom theme.


The Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW)—a non-profit organization that helps businesses, communities, educators and individuals succeed by facilitating connections between them—had developed a conceptual version of what they describe as “a resource directory meets web 2.0," known as WeToo. Wanting to take the project to the next level, they contracted us to implement a number of feature enhancements, build a more user-friendly look and feel, and upgrade their Drupal installation to accomodate future refinements. The WeToo website provides geomapped business resources that are searchable by a number of criteria, as well as an interactive community where members can create and join groups and post and share information, documents and events. We've launched a beta version of the new WeToo website and are actively working with CSW to plan future development.

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Caravan is a powerful and full-featured membership management system, designed specifically for membership- driven organizations.

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Trailhead is a Drupal-based system, built with the features smaller businesses need, bundled together into a ready-to-launch package.

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