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You have done the due diligence and have chosen a capable development team for your Drupal CMS website. You signed the contract. Now what?

Now is the time to sit back and wait for your site to launch. Not so fast!

You have a clear vision for your website. Were you able to successfully deliver that vision to your development team? This is a critical time to ensure both the client and developer are on the same path. Quality requirements gathering is not only key to your website but also to a successful development phase.

It is essential to clearly define the requirements. We want to hear the details and the nitty-gritty. Give us the examples. Show us your drawings on the back of the napkin. Share your ideas of structure and functionality. Give us everything up front! Too much information is not possible.

Now let’s sit down and roll up our sleeves and identify your goals! These are the four items we find are most helpful. Can you easily answer these questions? Can you describe them in detail?

  • What do you want this website to do? - Goals
  • Who are you talking to? - Target Audience
  • What tasks must the user do? - Objectives
  • How do you measure success? - Usability Metrics

Once you have clearly communicated your wish list you can be assured your website will be built to your expectations.

Now let’s talk budget and time. What is your constraint? Regardless if you are constrained by budget or time, we find that breaking your project down into phases is most efficient. By focusing efforts on the highest priority items, we can comfortably launch a multi-phase project. We will help you to identify each phase to make sure your website goals will be reached as quickly as possible.

Finally, none of this is possible without sharing your business goals with your development team. Ultimately, your website will serve as a revenue or lead generating tool. Allow us the opportunity to understand these business goals. By doing so, we will be able to build your website specifically to not only meet your website goals, but also those which directly impact your bottom line!

Now let’s get building!

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