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3 great projects I found out about at DrupalCon SF

The Drupal community has grown to be huge, something that was driven home by the ocean of Drupalers greeting me at the con each morning. A great thing about having such a large community is that it means more projects, more than any one person can keep up with, more than one person can even hear about.

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Finding file-names that differ only by case under Unix

On occasion it is necessary to export a project to a file system that is not case sensitive.

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Working with multi-select boxes in jQuery

Often, to make forms just a bit more usable, it's necessary to bring in jQuery to anticipate or assist some of the actions that the user is performing. Most of these changes are quite easy, but with some of the less-often used form elements, interaction can be surprisingly obscure.

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The Right Way to Include Javascript in Your Drupal Form

Often clients want a touch of singing dancing javascript magic on one of their drupal forms. It seems like the right way to include that javascript file is to create a module that looks something like this:

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A Brief Discourse on Morale and Web Development (Continued)

Often we developers are handed brown-field projects that have one or more common, morale-crushing problems that I outlined in a previous post—in fact this is probably the most common case because developers will very rarely abandon a project that is going well.

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A Brief Discourse on Morale & Web Development, in Two Parts

Most of the serious thought that goes into producing websites is given to either how to meet deadlines (i.e. project management) or how to actually build the website (architecture and programming).

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